This week I have mostly been….

Coughing. That’s right, I caught a cold. Its made me feel a bit downcast and fed up, but I think I am over the worst now. I didn’t take any time off work (damned if you do, damned if you don’t), and I had several evening engagements so I’ve been rather busy. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who commented on last weeks post. Really, I should get better at responding to people individually.

Despite being super busy, I’ve had time to make some things (no jewellery though). Last week I posted a photo of a cake, and I do enjoy cake but I’ve recently learned to bake bread. My loaves have been turning out perfectly but my rolls have been less successful. Last week I made some roles, and they turned out slightly small and slightly burned. This week’s endeavours turned out much better:


I used white flour and wholemeal flower. The idea of being healthy and using wholemeal flour is very attractive to me but I find the bread turns out a little stiffer.


These rolls have turned out very nicely. I made 9 in total, and freeze them in batches of three.

I also received some yarn from Get Knitted.


The yarn is Rowan Handknit cotton in Ecru and Seafoam, and I have bought it to knit Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer.

Image Its really lovely yarn, it has a lovely drape which I think will suit this jumper nicely. The pattern has been relatively easy to follow, and it seems to be knitting up quite quickly. I am a little concerned I won’t have enough yarn, but fingers crossed it will work out fine.  Image

Hope you have all had an enjoyable week. I will be visiting Handmade Monday to take a look at what everyone else has been up to. 🙂



Welcome to my blog. I used to have a dedicated blog section on my site (, but I have switched website provider and my new website ( doesn’t have very good blogging facilities. So this is my new blog to keep up with the Handmade Monday crowd.

I’ve been on a little hiatus from jewellery making to concentrate on my music teaching (and more generally, Life). A couple of weeks ago I was on a hen do and a friend was wearing a pair of earrings I had made. She had asked me to make them for her to give as a gift to someone else, but she liked them so much she never gave them away! This friend also told me I should open an Etsy store, so I re-started my business using Etsy. You can find me here:

Enough plugging, what have I been making lately? Well, not so much lately, but a couple of things I have listed in my store this week:

These earrings are made from glass pearls and some real pearls too!


These earrings have just glass pearls.

I like glass pearls over real pearls as they are more uniform.Image

I think my designs are a little different to what you find out on the high street, but I’m not sure if people particularly like them. I’ve had a lot of compliments but I just don’t sell any! I guess it might be a matter of time and energy.

I’d really be interested in your thoughts, as always. At the moment I am trying to improve my photography, as I very rarely get results that are quite good enough.

In other news, I made this cake:


Cake decorating is not my strongest skill, but I do find it quite fun.

That’s all from me this week. I hope I’ll have time to post something next week, but I think I’m getting a cold and I have a busy week ahead. In the meantime, take a look at the other stuff that has gone on this week over at Handmade Monday!

Handmade Monday 14 April 2013

Hello World!!!

Hi there,

This is the blog for Wild Mouse Designs. I used to have a blog on the site, but then I switched the place I created my website (now at

I have just opened an Etsy shop ( and I also teach piano. By day I’m an administrator.

This blog will be for my creative activities.